Blood Song

The Blades Trilogy, Book One

Blood Song is a young adult fantasy novel of approximately 79,000 words. It is book one of a planned trilogy.

Descending from a long line of defenders of the monarchy, Lyn is blood bound to be the Queen’s Blade of Princess Tyana. When visiting dignitaries murder their fathers, Lyn and Tyana escape the kingdom. Without allies and unsure who to trust, Lyn must protect the future queen to her dying breath while they search for a way to take back their kingdom from the invading magical army.

Their quest to reclaim the throne may prove disastrous when they discover the monsters from their childhood stories are real and magic is the rule, rather than the exception. Now faced with impossible odds, Lyn and Tyana must trust not only a sworn enemy, but also they magic they were raised to despise and destroy if they desire to save not only their kingdom but also the continent from certain destruction.

* * *

Queen’s Lament

Blood of the Immortals, Book One

“For you it was perhaps a century ago. Time passes differently on Elgia, subject to the will of the High Priest and he wanted me as long as possible. Amadeus said it was forty Immortal years. My calendar recorded twice that.”

In a single night, the universe shuddered in fear when High King Sylvain turned traitor, killed Queen Jaena, sold their only daughter to a demon, and surrendered his throne to the queen’s half-sister.

One hundred years later, after decades of slavery and torture, Princess Kethra is hungry for revenge. Armed with knowledge of her mother’s fate, she searches for the lost queen before darkness claims all the realms.

The mortal realm of Meridian has been closed to the other realms for a century, ever since the fallen queen Jaena ver Imortie came through a portal half-dead. Unable to return home, Jaena committed herself to creating an army of Immortals to protect the mortal realm from off-world threats.

Kethra’s arrival in Meridian sparks a chain of events that will alter the course of the universe. Enemies on all sides, Kethra has never felt more alone when she finally sees her mother for the first time since that fateful night.

Because Jaena never had an Immortal daughter.

* * *