The *Joy* of Summertime

An open letter to my 5 year old:

Honey, I love you. I love that you’re so enthusiastic about art. I love that you’re proud of your art, but it’s time to sit down and have an honest conversation. When I’m working, I need to work. Now, my work can be anything from reading to actually putting words to page. I love your artwork…but I don’t need to see it every two seconds.

I have deadlines. I have work I need to get done and lots of book to write. For the love of all that’s holy, go play. You have a mountain and a half of toys. You don’t need to be entertained. You don’t need me to be right there seeing you color. You don’t need me to watch you play. I promise. Independence is not a curse.

So, please, maybe, can I have 30 minutes to myself? I’m sure my readers will love you for it.





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