Twitter in the KidLit Community

Anyone who’s been on Twitter for five minutes knows it’s a beast. Fast paced and ever evolving, Twitter is a social media platform that never stops. I joined Twitter in 2010. Back then it was basic, not everyone was there yet, and most people were just trying to figure out what it was and how to use it. In the years since, Twitter has grown exponentially. I know very few people who, if not actively posting, at least have an account. It’s not for everyone. Some people don’t like the fast paced lifestyle Twitter represents. I happen to love it.

In the past few years I’ve dedicated to my writing craft, I’ve come to find a new appreciation for Twitter. In midst of the rolling feed of politics and celebrity gossip, communities have developed. Many names more popular than my own can attest to it being the platform for writers in the 21st century and I have to agree. Multiple bot and real accounts have sprung up to help writers with every day things: sharing WIPs, writing tips, the #MSWL agents tag, and anything in between.

For KidLit specifically, I’ve discovered a wealth of resources. Ignoring the massive support from fellow authors for a moment, Twitter gives #kidlit writers a place to pitch work (#DVpit, #pitdark #pitmad, just to name a few). Agents often post their manuscript wishlists, further enabling writers of all types to find the perfect agents to query.

The #kidlit tag opens up a world of fellow authors who understand your troubles of writing for this particular group. Kidlit is further broken down into #ya, #mg, and #picturebook (or #pb in some cases) and following the rabbit hole will bring you to a wealth of trade tips, ideas, and support that’s only a click away.

And there’s something else, something specifically for those writing MG and YA: many of your ideal audience are on Twitter. Discover their current trends, their mood, what they’re passionate about and you can reflect this in your writing. Plus, for those of you writing contemporary MG and YA, your characters might have an account so you need to know how to use it, too!

The KidLit Twitter community is grown and evolving, as all thing on Twitter do. Having only recently coming into being, there is still plenty to be done and still plenty of time for you to jump on the train.




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